Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cool Modern Toddler Beds

Do you remember how old your child was when they first climbed out of their crib.  You walk into the room and think, hey, that's not where I left you, I totally put you in your crib.

We were lucky, it only happened a couple of months ago with Jackson so he was over 2 years.  Time to upgrade him to a toddler bed, a twin is going to be too big since he and Sloane will be sharing a room.  I would love to get a fab designer bed.  Here are some of my favourites.

The Natural Toddler Bed made by Highland Woods on Etsy for $500 CAD.
Echo Toddler Bed by Kalon Studios for $475

Classic Toddler Bed by Oeuf for $648

R Toddler Bed by Rafa Kids for 550 Euros

Hiya Toddler Bed by Spot on Square for $499

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