Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Awesome Murphy Bed and Desk Combos

When you are a family of four and you live in a small 3 bedroom bungalow (without a basement), it is really important to use the space you have in the most efficient way.

Sloane is going to be bunking with Jackson in the nursery and I'm still surprised how well all their stuff fit in there.  This means we are going to be able to keep the 3rd bedroom as a guest room / hobby room for The Hubs. 

The room needs a double bed (it's what we have already), a desk & chair, and open floor space.  Immediately, I thought a Murphy Bed would be perfect.  They even make them with a desk for when the bed is put away.  How perfect is that?

The shelf and desk top double as the bed supports so you don't even have to clear them off when guests come over.

Desk on the side is a nice idea, functions independently from the bed, but worry it's not big enough.
The most versatile with 3 different configurations.
Of course, these are all super expensive, into the $5000 range.  We're gonna look into DIYing it.  We'll let you know how it turns out, but it might be a while.

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